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Frequently Asked Questions - Eurobreakdown.com


Booking a Policy

  1. Can I book a European breakdown cover policy safely online?
  2. If I book a European breakdown cover policy online, what do I receive?
  3. Can I print my documents having booked online?
  4. Will you provide me with the emergency numbers for instant travel
  5. Do I get an invoice?
  6. I am already abroad, will you cover me?
  7. At what time of day does my policy start and end?
  8. Where does my cover start from?
  9. My certificate says I have more days cover than I need, why?

Questions about Vehicles and towed caravans and trailers

  1. What vehicles do you cover on this European breakdown cover policy?
  2. Who is covered on this European breakdown cover policy, the vehicle or driver?
  3. How many passengers will you cover on this European breakdown cover policy?
  4. What's the maximum duration of any one trip on this European breakdown cover policy?
  5. I am towing a caravan, what is the max length?
  6. I'm driving a motorhome, what are the maximum dimensions?
  7. Why do you have a weight limit of 3500 kg gross weight?
  8. Minibuses, do you cover them?
  9. Are there restrictions on engine type?

What countries do you cover?

  1. What countries do you cover on this European breakdown cover policy?
  2. My destination is in Europe but it is not shown in your list, why not?

I have broken down, what do I do?

  1. When I call the number on my European breakdown cover policy, who deals with my emergency?
  2. How do I get in contact with the emergency contact team?
  3. What information do I need to give the breakdown assistance team?
  4. Any tips on how to work out my location?
  5. Where are these numbers shown on my policy certificate?
  6. Broken down on a French motorway, can you reach me?
  7. Private land or other areas where we cant gain access
  8. I dont speak the local language, who will help me with translation?
  9. Flat tyres and punctures, will you assist?
  10. I have put the wrong fuel in my vehicle, can you help?

Cost and Cover

  1. Why is this European breakdown cover policy such good value?
  2. Who is the Underwriter for this policy?
  3. Why do you have age bands for the vehicles on this European breakdown cover policy?
  4. Is there any excess to pay in the event of a claim?
  5. Is there a maximum claim amount on any trip abroad?
  6. How many claims can I make in a single trip?
  7. How many times can I claim garage bills on a Gold annual?
  8. Why can you only book an annual policy before its twelveth birthday?
  9. My vehicle turns twelve while I am away, do I need to change my cover?
  10. What payment cards do you take and are there any extra charges?
  11. Do the prices you display on screen include Insurance Premium Tax?

Travelling with Pets

  1. What happens to my pets if I breakdown?


  1. I buy a new car, can you change the policy?
  2. I want to upgrade from a single trip to an annual policy, can I?
  3. I have an annual policy and want to take my second car, can I get cover?
  4. I bought the wrong cover, do I get charged an admin fee to amend?
  5. I bought the cover in error, when do I get my refund?
  6. What does the 14 day cooling off period mean?


Common Live chat Questions

What is actually covered under the policies?

A – Under the Bronze, Silver & Gold tabs there is an icon showing KEY POINTS & IPID Policy wording links. Here you will find a list of what is covered.

I haven’t received any paperwork for my policy?

A – Policies are presented to you on screen and sent via email immediately after purchase. If you haven’t received this, check your junk/spam folders, then call us so we can check the email address on your booking is correct.

My email policy is blank with no details?

– Don’t worry just call us and we will re send the policy as a PDF option.

Can I take out insurance for commercial van use?

A – You can use a work van provided its for pleasure. This a leisure policy only, trips for hire and reward are excluded.

Im towing a caravan what if I have a tyre blow out, puncture?

A – Yes you are covered as long as you have either a spare tyre, repair kit and the unlocking gear and your policy shows you have paid the additional premium to cover the caravan

Can you cover UK holidays as well as Europe?

A – Yes we do, please go to ukbreakdown.com and select Platinum Cover

What are Zones?

A – This is the geographical map of Europe that we use to price our policies. The further you go, the more expensive it is potentially to bring you home again. Click here to view the areas of cover /breakdown_cover_europe.aspx  We have colour coded the zone levels on our site for ease.

I paid via PayPal and haven’t received documents even though It’s taken my payment?

A – There can sometimes be a slight delay in PayPal bookings. This is because payments are done via their payment system and requires nothing more than a log in and no additional security checks. We therefore sometimes have to verify the authenticity of a booking and this may require a manual review,

I want to cancel my policy will I receive a full refund?

A - If you are within the 14 day cooling off period and provided you have not passed the policy start date,  then you have a right to cancel. Please note that policies with trip durations shorter than 31 days  or less in length will incur an administration cost of £15.

What if I breakdown more than once?

A – Our policies offer Unlimited callouts

How long can I stay In Europe for?

A - 180 days is the maximum length we can cover on a single trip policy and up to 93 days ona an annual

My vehicle is over 16yrs old can you cover?

A – Unfortunately we only cover vehicle that are up to and including 15yrs

Is France in Zone 1?

A – Yes

Which zone is Spain?

Zone 2 which also includes travel in Zones 1 

Which zone is Poland?

Zone 3 which also includes travel in Zones 1 and 2

Does Eurobreakdown cover domestic travel in the UK?

A – No. We are a leisure policy that covers trips going into Europe. If you need a combined European and UK policy go to www.ukbreakdown.com

My motorcycle is 120cc can you cover?

A – Unfortunately we can only cover motorcycles 150cc or above

Ive seen a quote cheaper elsewhere, why won’t you price match? 

A – We will only price match like for like quotes and therefore a cheaper quote may not offer the exact cover that Eurobreakdown offers. We know we have great cover on all our policies and confident that you will not find the same quote cheaper elsewhere.

What is the difference between Bronze, Silver and Gold? 

A – When you do a quote you will see each level of cover, under the benefits column it will compare against the other policies to show you what is covered. Click on the question mark on the left of the screen for further information

Do you cover European registered vehicles?

A – No we can only cover UK registered vehicles.

Can I buy an annual policy on direct debit?

A – Unfortunately all polices have to be paid in full on purchasing.