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UK car hire following an event


Levels of Cover Bronze Silver Gold
Vehicle been left abroad:
Vehicle rental in UK
No cover £150 £250


What is covered:

In the event that you return home without the insured vehicle because it is being repatriated under section 7 of the policy, the insurers will pay for necessary car hire expenses in the UK until the insured vehicle is repaired and returned.

Please remember you must follow the usual conditions of the vehicle hire company selected. These will usually include :

  • Bpoint  the need to have a current full driving licence with you at the time of hire;
  • Bpoint  limits on acceptable endorsements;
  • Bpoint  a credit card deposit ~ e.g. for fuel;
  • Bpoint  drivers to be within the appropriate age limits for hire;
  • Bpoint  and to have held a full driving licence for at least 12 months.

If you cannot meet the above requirements quickly, then this will result in a delay in obtaining a hire vehicle and may result in you not being able to obtain a hire vehicle. In some cases you will have to pay for vehicle hire services locally. If this happens, the Assistance company will give you a refund (up to cover limits) as long as you provide all necessary paperwork and have received approval from the assistance provider.



Please also refer to the general conditions and general exclusions applying to all sections.