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Extra cover for parts & labour


Levels of Cover Bronze Silver Gold AA RAC Green Flag
Garage Costs: Covers the
first £500 of any bill
No cover No cover £500 £500 £150 No cover


What is covered:

You are covered up to the amount shown in the benefits schedule towards the cost of parts and labour necessarily incurred outside your home country in repairing the faults in the insured vehicle that led to a breakdown that required assistance and a claim under cover 2 - emergency roadside repairs and getting your vehicle to a garage.

Please note that your vehicle must have suffered a breakdown as a result of mechanical or electrical failure, and as a result, you are prevented from continuing your journey safely or the vehicle must be in need of repair or replacement of faulty parts to enable you to continue your journey.


Important - What is not covered:

Any mechanical or electrical failure or defect that has occurred prior to the commencement of the journey.

Any repairs or costs incurred that are not related directly to the mechanical or electrical defect that caused the breakdown.

Any liability incurred as a result of acts or omissions made by the repairer.

Any defects you knew about or could reasonably have been expected to know about prior to the commencement of the journey.

Any costs incurred following a claim made under cover section 7 - getting the insured vehicle back.

Any defects as a result of;

  • i. modification/alteration of the vehicle to the manufacturers original specification.
  • ii. poor maintenance of your vehicle, including but not restricted to failure to change the cam belt in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • iii. an accident, accidental damage, theft or vandalism.
  • iv. corrosion, erosion, frost, freezing or water ingress.
  • v. faulty manufacture/design.
  • vi. failure to meet current emission legislation.
  • vii. windscreens, windscreen wipers and mechanism, windows and window mechanism sun roof and mechanism, wing mirrors, tyres, air conditioning systems, brake pads, discs, drum and shoes, multimedia systems, all body parts, paint, trim, upholstery, cosmetic finishing, folding roof motors, seat belts and mechanisms, frame and fabric, fuel gauge, replacement keys or reprogramming of keys.

Any repairs or costs incurred as a result of routine maintenance, phasing and calibration.

Internal blockage of fuel systems by contamination.

Damage caused by you or someone else not authorised to carry out repairs.

Damage caused by you continuing to drive your vehicle after a fault becomes apparent.

Any defects that we reasonably consider are not connected to the initial cause of the breakdown.

Hire vehicles, company cars, trailers and caravans.



Please also refer to the general conditions and general exclusions applying to all sections.