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General conditions applying to all sections


A. The insured vehicle

a. the insured vehicle must be permanently registered in the United Kingdom and, if necessary, have a current MOT certificate. You must do all that you can to make sure the insured vehicle is safe and fit to drive. The insured vehicle must be regularly serviced in line with manufacturer’s recommendations, carry a serviceable spare wheel and tyre and be in a roadworthy condition at the start of any trip. We may ask for proof that the insured vehicle was fit to drive.

b. if we arrange for temporary roadside repairs, you must then immediately arrange any permanent repairs that may be necessary. If you do not, and the same problem happens again, we may ask you to pay all charges incurred.

c. if an event occurs due to an inadequate repair of a problem that has already caused a call-out under this policy, we may ask you to pay all charges incurred.

d. if an event occurs due to unsuccessful amateur servicing or repairs we may ask you to pay all charges incurred.

e. if the insured vehicle needs to be moved or recovered after an event, it must be in an easy position for a recovery vehicle to load. If this is not the case, you may have to pay an emergency recovery fee. In particular if the insured vehicle is in a position where it cannot be worked on or towed, the wheels have been removed or where specialist equipment is required for its recovery, you may have to pay extra costs (including labour charges).


B. Your general responsibilities

You will be responsible for;

a. doing all that you can to keep the insured vehicle safe and fit to drive.

b. any consequential costs resulting from a lockout, where we attempt, with your permission, to gain entry into the insured vehicle.

c. taking all ordinary and reasonable precautions to prevent loss, damage to or breakdown of the insured vehicle.

d. using all due diligence and doing and concurring in doing all things practicable to diminish any claim, to prevent any loss, theft or damage and at all times act as if uninsured. e. minimising our costs. 

f. any costs whatsoever that the law of any country forces you to incur.


C. What you must and must not do following an event

Following an event, you are responsible for;

a. reporting the event immediately by contacting the assistance provider using the emergency number we have provided. You must do this even if you do not need assistance immediately. If you do require assistance immediately, or subsequently, you must contact the assistance provider. You should not contact any garage or recovery operator direct. We are not responsible for the actions or costs of garages, recovery firms or emergency services acting on your instructions or the instructions of anyone acting for you.

b. giving the assistance provider correct information when you phone for assistance. If you do not, you may have to pay all costs caused by the incorrect information. It is particularly important that you can quote your reference or policy number. Remember that you must report any event which could bring about a claim as soon as possible to the assistance provider.

c. paying the cost of an assistance provider authorised recovery or repair vehicle coming out to you if you allow the insured vehicle to be recovered or repaired by someone else after you have contacted the assistance provider for assistance.

d. following any instructions given by the assistance provider. When you ask for assistance or recovery, we will give you an estimated time when the repair or recovery vehicle will arrive. You and your party must wait with the insured vehicle until the repair or recovery vehicle arrives, unless you have made other arrangements with the assistance provider. We reserve the right to refuse service and charge you for any costs incurred if you are not present at the scene of the event.

e. providing us with a copy of the police report, at our request, in the event of theft, attempted theft or vandalism of the insured vehicle.

f. the security of the contents of the insured vehicle, caravan or trailer. We will not recover or repair a caravan or trailer if there is a person or animal in it.

g. the onward transportation of any animal in your vehicle. Any assistance given is entirely at our discretion. We will not be liable for injury or death of the animal. It is your responsibility to secure any animal being transported in your own vehicle (in that vehicle) or to make alternative arrangements for its transportation.

h. any storage or release fees (over any policy limits) while the insured vehicle is being repaired, or awaiting collection, inspection or abandonment.

i. any ferry charges, road tolls, parking charges, and parking and motoring fines incurred during the time that a hire vehicle is allocated to you.

j. any ferry charges, road tolls, and parking charges which the driver of a recovery vehicle has to pay.

k. obtaining and sending any relevant paperwork immediately and all information and other help we ask for relating to costs that may be claimed from the assistance provider.

l. not admitting liability or agreeing to settle any claim without the written permission of the assistance provider.

m.the cost of parts or other products used to repair the insured vehicle.

n. taking all steps necessary to expedite the completion of repairs.

o. collecting the insured vehicle from the garage after work has been carried out.

p. paying back to us within 60 days of our asking any sums which we pay on your behalf which are not covered by this insurance or which you would have incurred in the normal course of events.

q. notifying your motor insurance company following a road traffic accident.


D. Legal factors

a. following an insured incident attended by the police or other emergency services, transportation of the insured vehicle will not take place until they have authorised its removal.

b. this certificate shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Law of England and Wales unless the certificate holder’s habitual residence (in the case of an individual) or central administration and/or place of establishment is located in Scotland in which case the law of Scotland shall apply.

c. if the law of any country means that we have to make a payment which we would not otherwise have paid we will be able to reclaim this amount from you.


E. Our rights

a. we may choose to have the insured vehicle repaired (at your cost) following an event, rather than arranging for it to be recovered to your home country.

b. we will not authorise any expense unless;

i. you or anyone involved in the claim keep to the terms and conditions of this cover, and
ii. you report any event immediately afterwards, or as soon as it is discovered by you, by contacting the assistance provider using the emergency number we have provided, and
iii. the information you give is true and accurate.

c. if you are covered by any other insurance for an event, we will only pay our share of the claim.

d. we may take over and defend any claim in your name. We may also prosecute other people in your name.

e. we have the right to take any action against any party in order to recover costs. You will assist us in any manner that we ask.

f. we will decide how we negotiate and settle your claim.

g. if we provide a service you are not entitled to, you may have to pay. We may also charge an administration fee.

h. if the assistance provider choose not to enforce or rely on any of these terms & conditions on a particular occasion, this will not prevent us subsequently relying on or enforcing them.

i. all sums insured and limits stated in this policy are inclusive of VAT or local equivalent.

j. premiums payable under this insurance are inclusive of IPT.