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No-one can drive


Levels of Cover Bronze Silver Gold AA RAC Call
Injured or too ill to drive:
Replacement driver costs
No cover Covered Covered No cover Covered No cover Covered


What is covered:

We will help arrange and pay for the following.


Vehicle storage

Up to the amount shown in the benefits schedule in total for the cost of storing the insured vehicle before it is brought back to the United Kingdom.


Transporting home

The necessary extra costs of transporting the insured vehicle and your personal possessions to your home.


Additional accommodation

For each person insured up to the amount shown in the benefits schedule for the cover you have chosen for extra hotel or bed and breakfast accommodation to stay until the insured vehicle can be transported.


We will provide this cover if either of the following apply;

  • Bpoint   because of death, serious injury or serious illness there is no suitable person to drive the insured vehicle, or
  • Bpoint   the only qualified driver has to return urgently to the United Kingdom because of the death, serious injury or serious illness of the driver’s relative or close business associate living in the United Kingdom. There must not be time for the qualified driver to return with the insured vehicle.


Important - What is not covered:


  • a. any journey within the United Kingdom.
  • b. costs if medical evidence of death, injury or illness was not given to us before the arrangements were made.
  • c. any transport not arranged by us (normally we provide a qualified driver to drive the insured vehicle back to the United Kingdom).
  • d. costs which are more than the insured vehicle’s market value in the United Kingdom.
  • e. any hotel or bed & breakfast arrangements if your main accommodation is a tent.



Please also refer to the general conditions and general exclusions applying to all sections.