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General exclusions applying to all sections


A. Availability of service

a. while we seek to meet your service needs at all times, this may not always be possible - for example, when we are faced with circumstances outside our control, such as (without limitation) extreme weather conditions or equipment failure.

b. we cannot guarantee that all of the services in the policy will be available 24 hours of each day. We will do all that is practical to provide the service as soon as possible but cannot be held responsible for delays outside of our control.

c. we have the right to refuse to provide service where we consider that you or any member of your party is behaving or has behaved in a threatening or abusive manner to our employees, agents, or to any third party contractor. We reserve the right to invalidate cover at any time if, in our opinion, you have misused services provided under this cover.

d. under no circumstances will the number of people given cover in your party exceed any manufacturer’s or legal limits placed upon the insured vehicle, and no cover is available under this policy if, at the time of the event, the insured vehicle was carrying more people than it is designed for, as shown in the manufacturer’s details.


B. Use of the insured vehicle

No cover is available under this policy if, at the time of the event, the insured vehicle was; a. being used for racing, competition, rally, trials, off-road driving, speed or duration tests, any motor sports, or practising for such events.

b. overloaded or towing or carrying more weight or people than it is designed for, as shown in the manufacturer’s details.

c. hired out or used for hire or reward, or for the carriage of goods for reward, or any claim which includes commercial goods.

d. not in normal use.

e. being driven by a person whom you know does not have a valid driving licence.

f. being driven by a person whom does not meet the conditions of their driving licence.


C. Condition of the insured vehicle

We will not provide assistance or recovery services if the insured vehicle is;

a. in our opinion dangerous or illegal to repair or transport.

b. not fit to drive at the start of the trip or had not been regularly serviced in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations or was not accompanied by a legal spare wheel and tyre (or equivalent emergency arrangements such as run-flat tyres or foam as specified by the manufacturer). We may ask for proof that the insured vehicle was fit to drive.


D. Location of the insured vehicle

We will not provide assistance or recovery services if the insured vehicle is;

a. situated in areas to which we have no right of access or on motor trader’s premises. This includes customs areas and some European motorways. We will, of course, provide assistance once the insured vehicle has been removed from these areas. See important information on the front page.

b. temporarily immobilised by floods or snow-affected roads, or is partly or completely buried in snow, mud, sand or water.

c. being transported by sea or rail (unless loss or damage is caused by our negligence).


E. What is not covered

No cover is available under this policy for any loss or legal liability resulting from;

a. the insured vehicle being misfuelled, including events where appropriate additives have not been mixed with the fuel. We are also not liable for any costs or charges connected with the drainage or removal of fuel, lubricants or other fluids due to the introduction of an inappropriate fluid. b. ionising radiation or radioactive contamination from nuclear fuel, nuclear waste, or the radioactive, toxic, explosive or other dangerous properties of nuclear equipment.

c. confiscation, nationalisation, detention, destruction of or damage to by or under the authorisation of any government or civil authority.

d. pressure waves from planes or other flying machines.

e. war, invasion or civil war, terrorism; or riot or civil unrest outside your home country.

f. natural disasters - earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes, tidal waves, avalanches etc.

g. any malicious or criminal act of you or your party.

h. a wilful act or omission by you or your party.

i. a claim for parts, goods or services, arrangements or advice provided by us or anyone acting for us.

j. an inadequate repair of a problem that has already caused a call-out under this policy.

k. unsuccessful amateur servicing or repairs.

l. any action unauthorised by the assistance provider.

m.damage to paintwork or other cosmetic repairs which do not affect the mobility or safety to drive of the insured vehicle.

n. any damage to or theft of objects or accessories left in or outside the insured vehicle.

o. any police call-out charges.

p. any expenses which you would have had to pay anyway.

q. anything which would involve breaking the law.

r. indirect or consequential loss of any kind.

s. any liability created by a contract.

t. anyone who was not a member of your party at the time of the event.

u. hitch-hikers.

v. routine servicing or the rectification of failed repairs, or as a way of avoiding repair costs.

w. transportation of horses or livestock.

x. any cost recoverable under any other insurance and/or under the service provided by any other organisation.

y. any costs incurred after a road traffic accident if you have not notified your motor insurance company of the event.

z. any consequential loss of any kind, except as may be provided for by this insurance.