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FAQ - How do I call for help?

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If you suffer a breakdown during your journey, please tell us as quickly as possible using the following number;


From within your home country:

01206 714 784

From outside your home country:

+44 (0) 1206 714 784


Policy Options

Emergency contact details

Please note* Continental dialling tones can differ from the British one. Insert coins carefully, giving each one time to drop. Dial steadily and without any long pauses, except if you have to wait for a second dialling tone. Connection can take up to a minute. Any persistent tones or recorded messages in a foreign language will mean your call has not connected, so try again. In Belgium, Spain and France you must wait for a second tone after the first two digits.

When your call is answered please provide your Registration number and as much detail as you can about what has happened, where you are, and your intended travel route.


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