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FAQ - Tips on how to work out your location

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Its important for the breakdown services to know your location so that they can get to you as quickly as possible. In daylight a vehicle with its bonnet open tends to act as a red flag but at night an accurate location will be the only way for the recovery services to navigate to your location.

When asked by the 24/7 support agent on the phone for a location please use whatever is at hand to provide an accurate location. In built up areas, street names and house numbers are great, as are identifiable locations such as Churches, Schools etc.

If you breakdown on a motorway then take a note of direction signs and exit numbers. If you are using a call box on the motorway then please provide the call box number as that will provide an accurate fix.

If you have access to the internet via a mobile device then please use a programme such as Google maps to identify your location with a longitude and latitude fix. Such an accurate GPS location will enable the assistance services to find you quickly especially if you are in rural or isolated locations. We also strongly suggest that you keep a pencil and a notepad in the car in order to take down these co-ordinates so that you can refer to them when talking to the emergency operator. Nothing worse than trying to navigate between programmes and finding that you lose your connection mid call. 

Remember as well to identify to passing traffic that your car is in trouble. We recommend that in all countries whether required by law or not, that you set up an emergency triangle behind the the vehicle to warn oncoming drivers of an incident ahead. Also wear your reflective vest as this also will act as an identifying marker to the recovery driver. 


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