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FAQ - Why does my policy show a max days cover figure?

When you buy a policy you specify the departure and the return date of your trip in order for our system to calculate the total duration and the policy price. The policy prices are not priced on a per day rate and we work on a fixed price for certain periods of insurance. These are set at a fixed price for a 1 day journey, a 2 day journey, a 3 day journey, a 4-5 day journey, a 6-8 day journey, a 9-10 day journey, an 11-12 day journey, a 13-18 day journey, a 19-23 day journey and then a 24-31 day journey. Therafter the policy increase in 7 day increments up to 180 days cover.

For instance a traveller going for a two week holiday may need 14 days worth of cover but they fall into the 13-18 day price range and as such they are given a policy which provides 18 days worth of cover as default.




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