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July 2014


Highway robberies in Spain

British and other foreign citizens are being targeted by organized gangs on tourist routes, specially in Andalucia, Catalunya, Madrid and Valencia.


Exploring the French countryside

Taking a long haul through France? Break up your journey and explore the countryside staying in the best stop-offs in France.


Be careful when parking overnight

A UK couple on a month-long driving holiday were gassed in their camper van before being robbed on holiday in France. They had stopped for the night near a service station in Lancon de Provence in the South of France.


Great travel app for the summer

If you need to know what is the speed limit on Spanish motorways or whether you need to wear a helmet when you cycle in Sweden, then this free app has all the answers. 


June 2014


Nice piece in the Daily Express

This is a nice piece from todays Daily Express comparing the cost of a driving holiday against that of flights and a car hire.


Secret to keeping the kids happy

With over 60 years of experince taking driving holidays with kids we decided to come up with our top list on how to survive a long journey with kids.


Take care on French roads

Visitors need to be aware that 15% of France’s busier roads achieve only a one star rating and death rates per head of population are more than 50% higher than many neighbouring countries.


No form - No cover

A cautionary Tale - Without the accident form the insurer declined the claim.


Great website for best fuel prices in France

With petrol being so expensive in the UK, the gamble is whether to fill up before you go or drive abroad empty and fill up on the other side of the channel. With Unleaded 95 ranging in price from 1.36 to 1.64 in the Pas de Calais area the difference in filling up a tank can be staggering This website gives a daily update on garages throughout France