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Secret to keeping the kids happy


June 16, 2014


Top tips on how to travel with kids in a car


With over 60 years of experince taking driving holidays with kids we decided to come up with our top list on how to survive a long journey with kids.


  1. DVD player.
  2. Ideally a single DVD players per child with headphones.
  3. Set them running before you set off as its murder trying to change cds on the go.
  4. Time your stops to the length of a movie, most are between 1-30 to 2 hours, so kids can handle "2 movies until our next stop".
  5. Don't forget the chargers and plenty of videos/games.
  6. Toilet breaks - Dont ask who wants to go, take them all.
  7. Blankets/pillows in the car so children can get cozy ( and hopefully drop off).
  8. Don't worry about children sleeping in the caras they will probably still sleep at night.
  9. Limit drinks to water - no sticky/fizzy drinks.
  10. Use travel sickness tablets if any if any doubt before you strat your journey.
  11. Get children to take off shoes/socks as soon they get in the car. Remember where you put them though!
  12. Don't allow books to be read. Fast track to getting nausea.
  13. Take water free hand wash, wet wipes, toilet roll & kitchen roll all are useful on the journey.
  14. Take spare t-shirts.
  15. Make sure the first aid kit is accessible.
  16. Pack an dedicated bag for overnight stops, saves you having to unpack the whole car.
  17. Keep the children informed so they know how long the journey will take. Explain why it is necessary, what they will enjoy when they get to the destination and lastly.


Author: Paul Quigley