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No form, No cover


June, 2014


European Breakdown Cover : Without the correct accident form the insurer failed to pay


A Cautionary Tale

There is no denying that travelling abroad entails a number of significant changes in driving rules and regulations but this may also apply to their approach to accidents and incidents on the road. A recent European Breakdown Cover client complained that following an accident in France where a third party drove into his car, the usual pleasantries that are associated with an incident in the UK where personal details are exchanged resulted in the claim being denied by the French Insurer.

Incidents in France , and in fact many European countries need to be supported with an accident report using a standardised dual language form detailing the accident, the damage caused and detailing who was at fault. In this clients case, this was not done within the specified 24 hour period and despite the third party driver accepting liability, without the form the French insurance company failed to pay.  In the end the client claimed against his UK policy and ended up being out of pocket because of the subsequent loss of his no claims bonus.

Click here for a link to a website with a good example of a French/English Accident Form


Author: Paul Quigley