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Nice piece in the Express


June, 2014


Driving versus Flights

This is a nice piece from todays Daily Express comparing the cost of a driving holiday against that of flights and a car hire.

Some of the costings they have for two weeks breakdown cover raised an eye brow in our office and yet our european breakdown cover ticks the box on the every count when it comes to the experts list of what to look for in a european breakdown policy.

Here is the link to the article and below is the copy of the article relating to European Breakdown Cover. 


Breakdown cover

Unless your motor breakdown policy includes continental cover, you will need to pay extra for overseas protection, explains Dan Robinson, head of Green Flag.

“The cost of repatriating your passengers and car can be high and the further afield you drive, the more expensive it will be. Our research reveals that it could cost more than £5,000 to recover a family of four along with a car and caravan from Spain.”

First, though, check you aren't already covered under your existing policy. The cost of single-trip cover varies depending on the insurer, number of people and your car. The AA charges a family of four travelling in a Vauxhall Astra £70 for two weeks in Europe.

If you regularly take your car abroad you could either upgrade your existing policy to include continental cover or take out a multi-trip plan. The AA's multi-trip policy costs around £120 a year and offers cover for unlimited trips.

Robinson says a good breakdown policy should offer the following:

  1. Cover for breakdown shortly before you are due to go away.
  2. Trained linguists available 24/7 to speak to local garages on your behalf.
  3. Any emergency roadside repairs and emergency labour costs.
  4. Location and delivery of spare parts.
  5. Travel costs incurred to your intended destination if your car is out of use, then returning the vehicle once it is repaired.
  6. Accommodation while the vehicle is being repaired or money towards hiring another vehicle.
  7. A chauffeur if the only driver is taken ill or unable to drive.


Note* Our cover for two weeks is £35 and our annual multi trip policy is £60.

Author: Paul Quigley