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Calais travellers warned to be vigilant


Calais travellers warned to be vigilant 

Following a week where ferry staff in Calais used fire hoses to stop illegal migrants storming a ferry, Police have advised Uk bound travellers to be vigilant following the discovery of an illegal migrant who was found curled up in a British woman's car as she returned home from Calais to Folkstone on the Eurotunnel.


Packaged bank accounts - Do you get your moneys worth?


5 things you should never buy from your bank 

An estimated 11 million bank customers have been persuaded to open packaged current accounts. These deals bundle together a range of perks, such as travel insurance and car breakdown cover, and cost up to £350 a year. But there are fears that many were sold aggressively to customers who did not want or need the benefits.


Europe's ultimate driving experiences


Europe's ultimate driving experiences 

If you like to be behind the wheel, and enjoy having your driving skills put to the test, there’s no better place to find an exciting challenge than the roads of Europe. When the summer months reach their peak, the particularly high altitude routes open for vehicles, meaning you get a chance to experience the thrill and excitement of Europe’s premier highways. Below, we’ve highlighted five of the top driving routes in Europe, giving you a taste of what to expect if you’re soon to take a trip to any of these brilliant locations.


Traffic at Your Fingertips: Top Driving Resources


Traffic at your fingertips 

Before heading off on your trip to Europe, you should definitely do all you can to prepare the essentials, but what about those little extras that could help you with your journey? These additional online and mobile resources could ensure you travel smoothly to your destination, and are especially useful for avoiding the all too familiar build up of traffic when the holiday season reaches its peak.


A Cyclist's Dream: Top French Locations


A Cyclist's Dream 

In the epic wake of Le Tour de France, the spirit of cycling will blaze across Europe as the increasingly popular sport continues to gain momentum. To honour such a noble event and recognise the impact that cycling has, we’ve chosen to take a look at some of France’s best locations for you to follow in the tyre tracks of cycling greats! Whether taking it easy on a meandering path, or tearing into an uphill climb, we hope you’ll find a route that suits your cycling style.


Driving Safety Innovation: Roads of the Future


Driving safety innovation 

As technology continues to develop, so do the methods used to keep vehicles safe on the road. We’ve chosen a selection of innovative ways that countries have improved the safety of their vehicles, giving you an idea of what the future could look like for drivers in Europe. Have a read of the technological advances featured below, and you might see that you’ve already experienced some of them!


What to do in France in the Autumn


Travel to France in Autumn 

The summer crowds have departed, the flow of skiers trickling their way towards the mountains has yet to start, and the decelerated pace of life in rural France paired with the golden autumnal colours is beautifully atmospheric. Autumn is a fantastic time for driving in France, and while there is still plenty to do, some attractions will have reduced opening hours or not even be open at all.


How to prepare your car for driving in France


How to prepare your car for driving in France 

A trip to the other side of the Channel in your own car is a very exciting prospect, and takes the hassle away from the logistics of airline travel. To make sure you’re fully equipped for the journey and your time in France, we’ve put together some tips to guide you through your preparation process.


Truffle hunting season in northern Italy


Truffle hunting season in northern Italy 

Driving in Italy is dramatic and beautiful during the autumn months, and allows you to enjoy spectacular cultural events and seasonal foods, such as wild mushrooms and truffles. If you are passing through the northern region of Piedmont this autumn, then a visit to the town of Alba will surely not disappoint. Alba produces the biggest and best quality white truffles in Italy.


Feefo Gold Trusted Merchant 2015


Gold Trusted Merchant 2015 

Trusted Merchant is an accreditation created by Feefo to recognise the consistent excellent customer service provided by some merchants in the eyes of their genuine customers.