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Calais travellers warned to be vigilant


Following a week where ferry staff in Calais used fire hoses to stop illegal migrants storming a ferry, Police have advised UK bound travellers to be extra vigilant following the discovery of an illegal migrant found curled up in a British woman's car as she returned home from Calais to Folkstone.

Her Fiat Panda car was not the biggest and somehow the migrant managed to tuck himself out of sight in the back seat of the car and it was only the barking of her agitated dogs that alerted her to her unwanted guest. The UK national believes her unwanted companion sneaked in when she checked her dogs into the pet reception at Calais. Upon her return her dogs alerted her to his presence and where she told him using her best Margaret Thatcher voice to " Get lost"

As has been demonstrated at the Ferry terminals, illegal migrants are becoming more aggressive and confrontational in their actions and Police are urging all travellers to take extra precautions in and around the Ferry Ports and Eurotunnel Terminals.

"Care of course should be taken with your vehicle but also pay particular attention to your caravans and trailers" Police advise "and if you see anything untoward call for help and dont takle the situation by yourself" 

Author: Paul Quigley 5 September 2014


Following the NATO summit in Cardiff, UK Ministers plan to send the 9 foot security fence that provided protection around Cardiff Castle and the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport, Wales to Calais to upgrade the present security arrangements around Calais which are described as flimsy at best. Whilst this effort is being made, UK Ministers advise that the security measures around Calais are an issue for the French Government and the French Goverment alone.

Author: Paul Quigley
7 September 2014