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Advice for driving in Gibraltar

Driving in Gibraltar

Updated: 27 May 2024



Tips & Legal Requirements

Gibraltar is a British overeas territory and the driving standards are very similar to the UK. Gibraltar is very small and the roads are principally the same as you would find in any small town in the United Kingdom.

Vehicles may experience delays when entering Gibraltar from Spain and vice versa. These delays increase during the high season and traffic flow in and out can be very slow particularly during peak hours (mornings coming into Gibraltar and early evening leaving Gibraltar). You should take water with you during the hot summer months.

Parking can be problematic in Gibraltar however you can park on the Spanish side of the border and walk in. Delays to foot passengers are rare. There is a frequent bus service to and from the border and this may be a good option. The bus drivers accept Sterling and Euros but the exchange is never good when it comes to using Euros. Another option would be to drive in and park at Morrisons, the supermarket.

Those travelling by car can find out the latest information on the queue by calling (tel: +(350) 200 42777)


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Reference: The statistics mentioned on this page were sourced from the International Transport Forum’s Road Safety Annual Report 2013 and, to the best of Eurobreakdown.com’s knowledge, are correct at the time of publication (June 2014).


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