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Advice for driving in Denmark

Driving in Denmark

Updated: 27 May 2024



Tips, Checklist & Legal Requirements

Cycling is very popular in Denmark. Cyclists often have the right of way. It is particularly important that you check cycle lanes before turning right. You must give due consideration to the many cyclists present in Danish cities.

Since September 2005 Denmark implemented measures that could result in driving offences committed in Denmark being reported to the UK authorities. You should therefore take extra care when driving in Denmark. Also, on the spot fines are issued for the infringement of all trafic regulations.



Driver's checklist:

  •  · Valid driving licence
  •  · Proof of identification (passport)
  •  · Insurance documents (third part or above)

If you do not own the vehicle you are driving, you are advised to obtain written permission from the registered owner.


Driver safety

Road conditions in Denmark are good and driving standards are fairly high. In 2011 there were 220 road deaths in Denmark. This equates to 4.0 road deaths per 100,000 of population and compares to the UK average of 3.1 road deaths per 100,000 of population in 2011.


Legal Requirements

Seat belts are required for all passengers, whether in the front or back seat of the vehicle. Denmark also has laws requiring children under 3 years old or 135 cm in height to seat in the back and use proper child restraint systems. Motorcycle drivers and passengers must wear helmets.

It is law in Denmark to indicate before changing lanes on a motorway.


Essential Equipment

It is compulsory in Denmark to carry the following safety equipment:

  • · A Warning triangle
  • · Reflective Jacket
  • · Headlamp converters


Speed Limits

On Motorways the limit is 130 km/h (80 mph), although there are stretches at 110 km/h (68 mph) and 90 km/h (56 mph), so we urge you to observe local speed limits and road markings.

Standard speed limits (km/h) unless otherwise stated by traffic signs:

50Kmh Urban roads (31 mph).

80Kmh Non-urban roads (50 mph).

130Kmh Motorways / expressways (80 mph).


Drinking and Driving

Denmark has stricter drink driving laws than many other countries. The legal limit is 0.25 milligrams of alcohol per millimitre of blood, being 0.8 in the UK. They are serious about drink driving and have strict penalties such as heavy fines, loss of licence and imprisonment.


Mobile Phones

It's prohibited to use a hand-held mobile phone while driving.



You must drive with dipped headlights at all times (day and night) and they should be masked with special European opaque material available from most garages in the UK and Ireland.


Getting to Denmark

There is one ferry route between Denmark and the UK: Esbjerg - Harwich and it's served by DFDS Seaways. There are several weekly crossings with an estimated duration of around 18 hours.

The price of a return ticket is dependent on a number of factors including the time and date of travel, the vehicle size and the number of occupants and whether you require the use of a cabin or club lounges.


General Driving Advice

  1. Ensure you have proper documentation: valid driving licence, ID, driving insurance covering driving in Denmark, proof of ownership (registration certification).
  2. Take plenty of breaks when driving long distances.
  3. Ensure rear passengers are wearing seat belts and remember children 3 and under are not allowed to travel in the front seat. Children below 3 yrs are also required to be seated on a booster seat.
  4. Ensure your car is equipped with the following safety equipment: A Warning triangle, Reflective Jacket and Headlamp converters.
  5. Check fuel compatibility as some fuels may not be compatible with your vehicle.
  6. Do not drink and drive.
  7. Observe local speed limits – as a general rule built up areas have limits of 50km/h (31 mph), outside built up areas are 80km/h (50mph).
  8. Dipped headlights are compulsory even in daytime conditions.


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Reference: The statistics mentioned on this page were sourced from the International Transport Forum’s Road Safety Annual Report 2013 and, to the best of Eurobreakdown.com’s knowledge, are correct at the time of publication (May 2014).


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